Becoming A Lion

Who Are Lions?

Lions are groups of service-minded men and women who are interested in improving their communities. To be a Lion is to be an active volunteer, a member of a respected international organization, a leader in the community and a friend to people in need.

The 1.35 million members that serve in over 45,000 clubs from over 200 countries make Lions Clubs International the world’s largest service club organization.

What do Lions Clubs Do?

Lions move to make a difference locally and globally. Lions are best known for their efforts to eradicate preventable blindness, but also participate in many other kinds of projects, including assisting those in need, sponsoring international exchanges for young people, providing supplies to victims of natural disasters and bringing clean drinking water to remote villages. Whenever a Lions club gets together, problems get smaller and communities get better.

Why Join?

As a Lion, you will have the opportunity to help others, meet new people and use your talents to make a real impact. You will acquire new skills, meet challenges head-on, cultivate lasting friendships, grow personally and have fun at the same time.

Am I Eligible?

YES! Lions Clubs are not restrictive in their membership. Members come from all backgrounds, all ethnicities and creeds. Moreover, the Lions movement is apolitical and secular and, younger members of the community are also welcome.

Can I Come Along if I am not a Member?

If you wish to come along to a couple of our meetings to say hello and see what we do, drop us a line using our Contact Form as attendance to non-member is by invitation only.

If we are participating in or running an event, please feel free to come along and show your support. You’d be most welcome. Check our Event Calendar for details.

And How do I Become A Member?

After coming along to some of our meetings, and if you want to become a member, you will receive an invitation to join. Simple!